Monday, January 31, 2022

 A mix of old and new for this first post of 2022...

Happy clients who send me photos of paintings nestled in their homes make me very happy!

Another David Milne inspired painting.  This one was for my daughter, but she didn't want it... oh the life of an artist!!!

Didi's 'Rowboat'

'Center and Circumference'

A successful commission.

'April Shower'

'Branch of Blueberries'

A small Temagami sketch.

Bruno and Paula.

'Versailles Enfant', lacquer gives the texture, but it's extremely tricky! 

These 24" portraits oxy-acetylene cut into 3/16" steel plate go way back, but it's a theme that I would like to revisit.

'Maui Churn'

'An Eloquence So Soft'

(Leaves are Saying) 'Soft Good-byes'

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Fall Art Show: 'Everything Flows', Noodle Gallery, Alton

All of the following paintings found new homes this past fall.

'The Beginning of All Songs'

clockwise from top left, 'A Summer Afternoon With Clouds', 'Northern Sky', 'Everything Flows', 'July Landscape', 'Harmony Surrounds Us'.

detail from 'Northern Sky'

'July Landscape'

clockwise from top left; 'Blue Trance', (In This World It Is No Small Thing) To Sparkle', 'The Next Exquisite Moment', 'Bright, Blue September Day',  'Salivating Wave'.

'Relations #5'

'Sumac Sentinels'